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zacholl's Journal

30 December
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Many of my friends love to be assholes. I try to avoid it.

I have problems with entertaining myself during the day. I have no problem with it at night for some reason.

I'm a vegetarian.

I drive a marroon 1989 Oldsmobile Touring Sedan.

I have a bad temper every once in awhile.

I am a hard person to get to know.

I am very quiet around people unless they are really good friends.

I do not feel comfortable in a group of about 5 or more people.

My parents are divorced.

I was in a band for almost a year in Elk City. We were called Masonic Weird and I think that we were starting to get pretty good, but things happened and I moved away.

I'm thinking of deleting everything on my info page because I only put this crap on here because I was bored and I noticed that a lot of other people have crap on it and I felt obligated to put crap on it too.

I have a beard now.

I was attacked by a goose as a small child. I am still afraid of geese.